Ways to Work With Me


10-Minute Restart

Keep your health on track during the holidays.

Support your body through increasing nutrition intake & eliminate allergens. Great support from women also on this journey. Comes with daily meal plans, recipes, workouts, devotional and customizable options of our vegan products.


Starting at $160

​​Reiki Energy Healing Single Session $111

(get it at the lowest price this month only!)

Reiki is an Energy Healing Modality that connects with a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing via universal love and light.

Effects of Reiki:

  • Physical= Alleviates pain and other symptoms, rids of poisons and toxins Balances energy field, promoting a sense of wholeness and well-being. Greater awareness of your body’s needs.

  • Emotional= Allows you to let go of negative emotions. Promotes the qualities of loving, caring, trusting, goodwill.

  • Mental= Deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension Negative thoughts, concepts, attitudes potential.

  • Spiritual= Accept and love your whole self. Qualities of love, compassion, personal growth and spiritual development

  $111 (get it at the lowest price this month only!)

 1 Month 1on1 Life + Success Coaching​​

This intimate coaching experience will help you to work through the limiting beliefs and emerge into living the life you’ve dreamt of. Grow in confidence, emotionally and energetically through 1on1 Life & Success Coaching.

Weekly 30 minute calls

Daily access to Jess on Voxer


Life + Success Coaching + Fitness/Nutrition: $1111

 3-Part Workshop + Inner Child Healing: $555 + Unlimited Access to Replays

The ultimate healing session where we dive into our inner child work, coupled with Reiki Energy Healing.

Healing our Inner Child includes healing our negative conditioning, the trauma held in our bodies, releasing the labels we’ve been living with, and reclaiming our voice and vibrant personality that should never have been squashed or silenced.

Our inner child’s emotional wounds came not only from what we got and what happened to us – but also from what we didn’t get or experience.

The healing process starts with reconnecting with our inner child and becoming re-acquainted with her feelings – which may have been buried and hidden away, as a way of coping.

As we help to heal her emotional wounds we start to make peace with the past – which allows more freedom, authenticity and spontaneity in the future.

Reiki added with this Inner Child Healing experience allows us the extra support and care for ourselves as we walk through this.