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We're Moving!!!

Aug 04, 2022

You’ve seen the hints, if you haven’t heard it from me yet and are thinking wtf Jess why didn’t you tell me.. keep reading to see how it’s a miracle I even know my name right now


It all started in 2016… I met Laura at the gym and all she did was tell me about how Fairbanks is the best school district ever…


April 2020 my gym friend turned real life friend told me Fairbanks Middle School was hiring a new middle school counselor. 


I applied, nervously because I loved my job and Triad families, but I also did what I always do- told God to lead the way. I believe God often makes those hard decisions (sometimes painfully) obvious.


After much prayer and pros and cons lists, I was offered and accepted the job! I LOVE Fairbanks, pictured our babies going there! One year later, became pregnant with baby Lise! 


I was lucky to have a sub while I was gone and even luckier that the sweetest mom of 4 students in the district Ali mentioned one time in a random email she was a school counselor. After one conversation with her it was a no-brainer that she should be the one to cover for me.


She was my sub while I was on maternity leave and I LOVED working with her in transition and became a great friend, soul sister on Christ really. The kids adored her, asked where she was when I came back


It gets better guys… beginning of July I get word that the ONE JOB sean and I said we’d move home for was open. I did what I do again, applied and told God to make it obvious. 


All that to say:


I am the new School Counselor at Lima Central Catholic High School and I could burst I’m so excited !


I’m even more excited knowing I’m leaving Fairbanks with THE BEST in Ali!! God really tee’d all this wildness up.


FAQs about the Gronas family and our current situation:


-Were you looking for a job?

Nope! Not at all. In fact, my mom sent me some I didn’t apply to, this is a dream job and location :)


-Are you moving to Lima?



-Do you have a house? 

Nope my parents will get roomies until we find one


-Did you sell your house?

Yes, in 3 days


-Do you have childcare?

Mostly- the next couple of weeks we have amazing family stepping in until Lena starts school and Elise is still TBD. Childcare has been the biggest worry for us by far


-Will Sean Gronas still work at Honda?



-Will he work from home?

One day a week- he will commute otherwise


-How does Sean feel about commuting?

Do you know him? Mr. laid back isn’t bothered and so excited I’m working at his Alma Mater


-When are we moving? 

Officially Saturday the 6th, our furniture will be all packed up


-Do you have a storage unit?

We have a max box coming. No, I have no clue where it will be stored (lol)


-Yes we will be back! A lot! 

Sunday August 7 actually ! Please come see me at what I’m referring to as a going away hang out at none other than Walking Distance Brewing Co. ! This happened so fast there’s so many people I didn’t get to tell or give a hug to! Come to Brew Camp at 11 or after to hang with Sean and I!

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