Fit and Faithful is my signature program that is designed to help you commit to your goals while also encouraging you to prioritize faithfulness in every part of your life! 

About your coach, Jess!

Growing up, Jess was the girl who had to work in order to pay for gas money or social events. She was unable to participate in dance and other sports due to family financial instability. In college, she became active in group fitness classes and found great stress relief in workouts. Through a roller coaster fitness journey of weight loss, gain, disordered eating and now finally a place of balance and peace, Jess is so excited to help women find that peace, balance and inner strength itself.


Jess is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach


  • Member Library with 5 days of workouts to build up your stamina in 6 weeks!

  • Access to my E-Book with daily devotionals and reflections.

  • Videos on nutrition to learn more on how to give your body what it needs.

  • A Recipe Book with some of Jess' favorite recipes!

What women are saying about Fit + Faithful..


"In 12 weeks with Jess I lost 20 pounds and 14.5 inches! It was the easiest weightless I have  ever done and one I feel I can continue to follow! Jess, you are the best, more supportive coach I could ask for, thanks for all your help and positive vibes!" 

- Lynn (wife, mom of 3, grandma of 4)


"If any of you are debating whether to sign up with Jess, DO IT!!! Best decision ever. Jess developed a workout program for me, taking into consideration my arthritic knees and bad back, using light weights and resistant bands. She also taught me that there are no such thing as "bad foods". All food is nourishment, just some healthier than others."

- Kaiti (wife, mom, RN, IN Nurse Practitioner School)


"Thinking back to 31 days ago, I know I'm not dwelling so much on the "unhealthy" stuff I'm eating and letting myself just binge on junk when I've already eaten one unhealthy thing and thinking "welp, screw it now... might as well eat all the junk.""

- Andrea (wife, mom of 2)

When I started Fit and Faithful, my goal was to gather women committed to their goals, and follow along through 6 weeks of workouts, nutrition tips/recipes and daily devotionals. By the end of the 6 weeks you’ll find yourself fit and feeling in your faith more than ever.

Change isn’t easy, but it’s a necessity in becoming better - physically, financially, creatively. Do it for you.⁣

Are you ready to become Fit + Faithful?!


*Note: This course is an evergreen course, and you can start it at any time. 

I'm ready to change my life!