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Fit + Faithful


A supportive, 6-Week group setting with like-minded women who offer companionship and accountability. 


What you get:

✔️ Group member library that contains workouts, nutrition tips/recipes

✔️ Access to Jess and like minded women for support on WhatsApp

✔️ Weekly themes for mindset improvement

✔️ Daily Devotionals and Reflections Journal


3 Day Lift


Ever feel nervous, confused or just plan intimidated by weight training? You need this!

Because Lifting has changed my life so much, I have put together the most perfect 3 Day Lifting Program. This program is designed with beginners in mind because we all start somewhere! Whether you're a total newbie or a busy mom on the go, these quick and easy lifting videos are tailored just for you. 

What you get:

✔️ Workout Log

  • You can use this to track your progress and see how for you've come! It can be used digitally or printed out.

✔️ Chest, Triceps + Shoulder

  • 6 videos

✔️ Leg Day

  • 5 videos

✔️ Back + Biceps

  • 5 videos

✔️ 3 Bonus Workouts

Burn + Balance Bundle


A 3 Video Full Body Workout + Yoga Work Out Bundle for only $22!

FREE Fit and Faithful 3-Day Series

Are you tired of being tired? 

Are you tired of striving for happiness, freedom and peace? 

And are you tired of the word “should”? 

If so, then this is the series for you! In the next 3 days we will be digging deeper into our faith. We will self reflect and begin to discover blocks that may inhibit us from achieving the freedom and happiness we’re striving for.

Check your email!

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No daily tracking, no documenting your every meal, just 10 minutes for restarting that day! Totally FREE!

Fit and Fearless.png

An 8-Week intimate coaching experience that allows you to dig deep into your goals, improving your life through your physical and emotional wellbeing.

What you get:

✔️ Individual member library

✔️ Access to Jess for individual support on WhatsApp

✔️ Personalized workout program for your specific needs

✔️ Nutrition Guidance

✔️ Weekly themes for mindset improvement

Daily Devotionals and Reflections Journal

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30 Days to Healthy Living-2.png
30 Days to Healthy Living-3.png

Want to improve your overall health, but aren’t ready to individual or group coaching, this 30-day nutrition program is perfect for you!

Facebook accountability group

Nutrition Guidance and Tools 

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