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God, how could you let this happen?

Over the years I’ve found myself saying that for the most difficult moments of my life. When those unthinkable, heartbreaking moments occur. Like when we struggled with fertility, when we threw away yet another negative test. When I hear and see of the suffering in the world.

How could God let those things happen?

This past week has been one amazing experience after another and I found myself this morning saying, God, how could you let this happen? In awe of the blessings that he has bestowed upon me. Honored and thankful beyond belief.

He has shown me that for every, not so great, “how could you let this happen?” there are 10+ miracles to follow. They’re not always big, or life changing, but I’m telling you, he’s holding onto you through the stormiest times of life.

God gave me hints, he actually hit me on the head a little bit when it came to following my childhood friend on what I thought was a journey to just another “annoying MLM”. I’m so thankful God let me to pursue this passion of helping others, to build a team of amazing faith-driven women who are doing the same..

Thank you God, for letting this happen. Thank you for my health, the community, the friendships, the purpose, the financial stability. Thank you for guiding me.

If you’ve had it in your heart that God wants something more for you, he does. Is it running an online business? That’s for you to decide. If it’s something you are interested in hearing more about, you know I’m here for you.

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