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Hospital Bag Must Have for Having a Baby!

One of the most stressful parts of getting ready to have a baby is what the heck to bring to the hospital. This is most certainly overly analyzed because it’s one of the FEW things you can control as a momma to be. I remember adding more and more things to my bag each time I walked by it. Many of which (shocking) I never used. Mind you- we also found out we were getting induced at 9PM at around 3PM.

So there was that (we had an idea that it may happen the night before so we started a bit then).

My biggest tips for Labor & Delivery + Things to Pack:

1. REMEMBER- your babe is in control. I had a hard time with this one. It’s great to have a plan, but take a breath, say a prayer and trust God’s got this.

2. It will pass and all turn out great. Lots of prayer and breathing.

3. SLEEP when you can. I got induced at 9PM and my husband and I both worked on our computers and I ended up not getting much sleep. If you’re getting induced SLEEP when you get there.

3. Bring essential oils! I liked having a diffuser in the room. I had serenity, lavender and peppermint in mine.

4. HYDRATE! I brought my Arbonne hydration (healthy Gatorade) that I brought with me.

5. Eat a good, healthy meal before. You need good energy + you won’t be able to eat. I remember I asked if I could have oatmeal before my C-Section (LOL). That was a hard no.

6. Snacks (for after), I lived on mini peanut butter filled pretzels.

7. Your own shower stuff, that made me feel better having that.

8. You can bring your own breast pump if you decide to breastfeed. The nurses or Lactation Consultant there can help you learn how to use it.

9. Maternity leggings and slippers, a robe and then some nursing nightgowns I found on amazon. I was glad I brought some “real” clothes because we ended up being there for 4 days.

10. Compression socks. Maybe it was the C-Section, but girlfriend needed some help with the swelling!

11. PADS! Bring your own long ones. The ones at the hospital are good at first but then they are too big once you're up and moving.

12. Pillow and blanket and wished I brought my boppy for nursing.

13. A rosary/prayer book. Anything that will help you feel at ease.

14. I had my momma bring me my fav Arbonne protein shake each day I was there. It was so nice to get some good nutrients in!

15. Probiotic, Greens + Fizz. I use each of these daily for gut health/digestion. Postpartum potty can be SCARY. GAME CHANGER in the hospital. So nice to just throw it all in my hospital bag. For any Arbonne goodies email for deets

16. Remember your chargers, toothbrush/toothpaste, contacts, glasses, medicine etc.

17. HANDS FREE PUMPING BRA! Run. Don’t walk to get this peeps! 20% off with my link at checkout.

18. Carseat, going home outfit, sleepers, a blanky for babe and SWADDLE! Halo sleepsack/ Swaddle me brand are what we used. Baby girl needed to be all snug in there. Check out the cutest outfits for babes here: use code JESSGRONAS for 20% off.



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