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My Journey

Scrolling through Social Media & wishing we had what THEY have...My physical journey is much more emotional than anything. Let me show you where I’ve been...

1. 2013: senior year at college. The fourth year of Taco Bell & Pizza at 2am. This year, however, I added two a day workouts and an acai cleanse from Dollar General to my routine. Yearning for quick fixes, confidence and control.

2. 2014: Finished my first year of grad school 9 hours away from everyone I'd ever known. Taking class until 9:00 PM, 40 minutes from home, fueled on gas station pretzels, Dunkin muffins and snacks. Feeling lonely, stressed about school & finances. Worked at a bar (had a blast) but ate alllll the bar food, worked late hours, drank my nightly Angry Orchard. Worked out to try to offset the food... again.

3. 2015: The year of our wedding! Graduated from grad school, got hired, moved back home, finishing touches on a wedding, family stress and drama, starting to understand how to fuel my body. Focused on workouts and nutrition to avoid the feelings of stress and overwhelm from life's (exciting) changes. Began training for a figure competition…

4. 2016: Fit AF. Never felt good enough. Had all of the compliments in the world, but still felt insecure. Counted every. single. thing. that went into my mouth. Weighed kale before eating it. Turned down social opportunities or would eat before going out to eat so I could more easily track my food. Wouldn't listen to anyone who was worried about me. Thought I was going to go Pro... LOL


5. 2017/2018: Worried I looked "fat" in this picture. Did ab checks/took pictures almost daily in fear of gaining all of my competition weight back. My coach for the competition reached out with concern. I thought she was cray... I was totally fine. I started to realize how much I obsessed over my body, the food that went in it, when/how long my workouts were. I mean seriously, my next meal and how many hours away was constantly in the back of my mind. Got certified in nutrition... started to realize how not in touch with reality I was...

6. 2019: Was struggling with fertility. Hired a business and mindset coach, started to enjoy time with friends more than worrying about the food we were eating, learned I could eat pizza on a day that wasn't my "cheat" day. Starting to focus more on intuitive eating. Tried a new "program" just because my BFFs were doing it (FOMO). Learned I didn’t even NEED my food scale (I used to travel with it). Finally understood what foods helped me feel good. Started to heal emotionally and physically. FINALLY trusted myself when it came to nutrition. BECAME PREGNANT!


7. 2020: Holy swelling, weight gain (ya’ll stop asking people how much weight they’ve gained during pregnancy, making comments about their body etc. please please). 9 months pregnant.

8. 2020: Part 2. 7 months postpartum. Still following that program that I rolled my eyes at. Down weight (I assume) but haven’t even weighed myself. Still not weighing my food, still living on fizz, always going to put this baby girl in my mind when I want to say anything negative about my body. Thankful for my faith that has helped me through this rollercoaster with my body image issues and disordered eating. Thankful for coaches that supported me. Thankful for YOU and being able to share this journey with you!

I am beyond blessed to be able to coach other mommas through this program AND help with that inner work that moved me so far. Email info@jessgronas to learn more about the self care reiki & nutrition programs I am offering.

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