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My Legs & Cellulite

Oh you can see my cellulite... GOOD!

This is something that has haunted me since I was a teenager. I had stretch marks on my inner thighs, my period 10 years before everyone else and cellulite.

I remember someone mentioning cottage cheese legs and realizing I had this thing people were talking about.

I hated my short , stubby, “tree trunk legs”.

I didn’t like summer. I wanted to be able to cover up. And yet, the more I want this to go away. The more I leaned on food for comfort. Talk about an exhausting cycle

Just 4 years ago y’all, my Bod was (by definition. Right?

Today, and everyday, I choose joy. Joy for the body God have me, each little dimple and curve. I choose to continue loving myself for who I am despite those negative thoughts that creep in telling me I’m not enough because of the size or weight I am.

I want you to know that:

Everyone has cellulite Even former body builder bod Jess has cellulite

We spend way to much time and energy worrying about insignificant things such as this

Your bod is not a mom bod, it’s your bod and it’s perfect

You have the ability to make healthier choices for YOU! I promise it’s lots easier to make those changes when you got your mind right. .

this is why I created Fit & Faithful Mommas, yes we do the workouts & eat the healthy food, but we most importantly work through this CRAP that we’ve been told so we can grow in our faith, mindset and learn to LOVE each part of ourselves. Get the EARLY BIRD price until July 12

For the record:

Between 80 and 90 percent of women will probably experience cellulite. So in short, if you have cellulite you’re normal Whatever that means

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